Announcing a NEW Feature We Know You'll Love: AI-powered Session Notes!

Leveraging the power of tech to bring you closer together.

Do you ever feel like you have no idea what's going on in your kid's head? Word on the street is parents like you are starved for insights on their children! If you find yourself eagerly awaiting parent-teacher conferences or screenshotting compliments illuminating how wonderful your child is, you're not gonna want to miss this announcement. 🎉

Introducing: AI-powered session notes! 🤖

Generated Session Notes (1)What AI-generated session notes look like on the mentor's end.

We will begin recording all Curious Cardinals mentorship sessions and using AI to generate lesson transcripts. These transcripts will help generate lesson notes after each session that your child’s mentor will edit and personalize accordingly. You'll receive these session notes in your inbox, just like you normally do -- except better!

And, over time, we’ll use these transcripts to generate insight reports on your child’s progress, their strengths, their areas for growth, other patterns we pick up on, and even personalized recommendations for your child to continue advancing on their learning journey.

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At Curious Cardinals, we have always believed technology is a tool for fostering human connection, not a replacement for it.

Our hope is that this innovation will allow you and your child to draw closer together as you receive rich insights into their needs, perspectives, and areas of growth.

We're proud to announce we are the first 1:1 learning platform launching anything of this nature! ✨




Example of what insights may soon be hitting your inbox!


How AI-powered session notes work

  1. At the beginning of your child's mentorship session, a Curious Cardinals note-taking AI-powered 'bot' will request permission to be admitted to the session. Your child and their mentor will either allow or deny the bot entry.
  2. When allowed to record, CC Notetaker will analyze the session and compile a summary that mentors will then personalize, edit, and polish before submitting. CC Notetaker does not eliminate the expectation for mentors to craft thoughtful, personal session notes.
  3. These notes will be sent to you via email upon completion, so you can receive rich insights about what your child is learning, areas of confidence and improvement, and even talking points you can use to engage with your child long after the session is over.

The CC Notetaker in action

What to expect moving forward...

While we're sure this will become your new favorite Curious Cardinals feature, we understand that as with any first iteration, we may not nail it right away. So, we humbly ask for your patience and partnership. Please share your thoughts and feedback so we can iterate accordingly.

We also want to be explicit about our intentions. In leveraging technology to shed light upon unique insights on this oh-so-human experience, we know privacy and security are paramount. We are grateful to you for entrusting us with this privilege to work with your child and want to make clear our goal is to respect and prioritize your family’s privacy and security and put all safeguards in place to do so in the most effective way. We will implement this feature responsibly, putting safeguards in place to protect your family's information.

You can opt out at any time by filling out this form.

We're just getting started 😎

This is only the beginning. Together, we're unlocking a future of personalized learning, one insight at a time. We can’t wait to hear how this brings delight, adds value, and sparks curiosity in your life as a devoted parent!

With gratitude and curiosity,

Audrey (1)

Audrey Wisch, CEO & co-founder, on behalf of the Curious Cardinals team

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I'm hosting an exclusive virtual AI workshop for existing CC parents who want to learn more about AI and how CC is using it to provide insights into your child's learning. I'll also answer all your burning AI-related questions, so you can feel truly comfortable adopting this exciting new feature.



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