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Audrey's Thoughts on Toxic Achievement Culture

Meet the culprit crushing your student's curiosity and confidence.

In the 1990s, Yale researcher Suniya Luthar began studying the lives of American teenagers affected by poverty, crime and substance abuse. In search of a control group to compare her findings, she uncovered a shocking truth: affluent suburban teenagers were struggling more with substance abuse and mental health than less privileged peers. 

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Announcing a NEW Feature We Know You'll Love: AI-powered Session Notes!

Leveraging the power of tech to bring you closer together.

Do you ever feel like you have no idea what's going on in your kid's head? Word on the street is parents like you are starved for insights on their children! If you find yourself eagerly awaiting parent-teacher conferences or screenshotting compliments illuminating how wonderful your child is, you're not gonna want to miss this announcement. 🎉

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Canva Collab Launch + Why Gen Z Cares So Much About Climate Change

We interrupt this newsletter to bring you a very special announcement!

Big news! 🎉 Our 10-section executive function course with Canva has officially launched! To view the course, visit Canva's Future Skills page and scroll down to "Silent Superpowers". (Note: You'll need a Canva premium account to access lessons 2-10. However, your student's Curious Cardinals mentor will have full access to each section.)

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Why Your Kids Won’t Listen To You + What You Can Do About It

"Mother knows best"? Not according to your kid.

You know your child has so much potential, but they hesitate to put themselves out there. You remind them of all their great qualities -- they brush it off! Or you highlight their talent in XYZ -- they play it down. You make a suggestion to try XYZ activity that would be perfect for them, and they immediately push back. You just want them to thrive... so WHY won't they just listen to you?

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