Introducing The Lightbulb

Hello Curious Community!

It was a balmy weekday afternoon. 4:08pm EST to be exact. I had recently gotten home from work and my eyes were glazing over until bzz bzz. I looked at my phone and saw a Curious Cardinals teacher had texted me: “This class is revitalizing my soul.” (Read: our teachers can’t contain their enthusiasm – we send messages like these all the time). Well, that text revitalized my afternoon. The teacher was still raving about her students’ writing as I read one of their essays.

Wow, I thought, this girl has to get published. Wait...maybe...YES, we can totally do that!

That, dear friend, is when I began formulating The Lightbulb.

My name is Cece King, and I’m the editor. The Lightbulb is a space for our teachers, students, and core team to share our thoughts with you, the Curious Community!

We want to empower our students by showcasing their work. We want to feed our Curious Community by covering guest speaker events and sharing their knowledge. We want you to get to know our spunky staff. Each story will give you insight into how we are growing an education startup during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Education is an ever-changing field. As students ourselves, we are new to the game. We won’t pretend to be experts in pedagogy, but we are experts at being conscious, critical learners. We will share how we are putting our own spin on education from that perspective.

In middle and high school, I often wondered why teachers chose to include some readings in the curriculum and leave others out. When the administration made a new policy, I wanted to know more about how they made that decision. As I handed in papers and projects, I was curious to know what my classmates’ were thinking, writing, and researching.

Education seems mysterious to anyone outside the administrative buildings (or Zoom rooms). The Lightbulb is my way of sharing our team’s “eureka!” moments, and anything else that may lead you to a few of your own.

This isn’t a communications letter full of fluff. It’s also not a blog full of rambling prose the length of an early pandemic panic shopping grocery list. The Lightbulb is more like a text from an inspired friend, something to begin an important conversation, something that might start with “This class is revitalizing my soul.”

Welcome to The Lightbulb.

Stay Curious,


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