The Future of K-12 Education

This week we’re peering into the future of K-12 education, sharing how you can empower your student beyond the classroom.

CC quotes (4)Does school ever feel like a 9-5 job your student just punches in and out of? 

The U.S. Surgeon General declared a youth mental health crisis, student truancy is on the rise, and college enrollments are down – in other words, Gen Z is not alright. Why? In part, because students are not getting what they need inside schools.

Between grueling, inefficient 8-hour school days and an emphasis on memorization rather than critical thinking, America’s school system is failing its students.

After observing the disengagement of K-12 students in traditional school environments, co-founders Audrey and Alec were inspired to start Curious Cardinals. Now, more parents are seeing the cracks in the education system’s foundation, too.

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Whether it’s homeschooling (which has risen by 30% in the past year), private tutoring, or a combination of IRL and online learning, millions of parents are now taking their students’ education into their own hands.

As parents seek a solution to engage their students in learning, we propose this: K-12’s future lies in a concept from the past.


From Plato and Monet to Faulkner and more, pairing a student with a one-on-one mentor who can challenge and guide them was the preferred learning method for the brightest minds in history. The ancient art of mentorship and passion-based learning is a tried-and-true path to ignite a spark in students and help them reach their full potential. A mentor can change your life – just ask Aristotle!

We’re passionate about nurturing the next generation of great thinkers, dreamers, and doers through near-peer mentorship. What could your student accomplish with a Curious Cardinals mentor by their side?

(Psst. The correct answer is, “Anything”!)

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AI’s Role in the Future of K-12

AI is a big topic right now. I've heard sentiments of concern echoed from a lot of parents over its use in schools or for homework assignments. I actually just chatted with The EdUp EdTech Podcast about AI in education.

With all this talk, you may be wondering, what does this tech mean for your student? What about their education? Will kids grow up in an environment that doesn't require original thought or true learning?

How can you best prepare them for a fast-paced digital world?

On this week's blog post, I'm addressing these concerns and providing perspective on "the great AI debate". What role, if any, should AI play in K-12 education? The answer may surprise you.

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