Canva Collab Launch + Why Gen Z Cares So Much About Climate Change

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Big news! 🎉 Our 10-section executive function course with Canva has officially launched! To view the course, visit Canva's Future Skills page and scroll down to "Silent Superpowers". (Note: You'll need a Canva premium account to access lessons 2-10. However, your student's Curious Cardinals mentor will have full access to each section.)

If your student struggles with tasks like prioritization, time management, or memory, schedule a call with Jonathan to get them started with an EF mentorship!

We'd be grateful if you'd help us spread the word! (Here are links to our LinkedIn and Instagram posts.) A huge thank you to those of you who have already shared + interacted. We value your support!

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In honor of International Day of Climate Action, we'll hear from CC mentors and students who are making a difference, plus provide tips on how you can channel your child's fears for the future into real-world skills and action!

From Greta Thunberg to purchasing sustainable skincare and clothing, Gen Z cares a lot about the future of our planet – but why?

In the words of CC mentor and Harvard grad Kaylee C., “We see how the changing climate will affect our lives decades from now. We realize that it's not impossible to see ecosystems that have thrived for centuries wiped out in a generation, and we want to try and preserve as much as we can so that future generations are able to experience the beautiful world we know.” Mentor and USC junior Megan Z. adds, "The longer things progress as they are, the more urgent the issue of sustainability becomes because our world is quickly deteriorating."

Gen Z has shown their strength and urgency when it comes to climate change; thrifting is suddenly en vogue again, reusable materials like glass and paper are in and plastic is so out. If your kid suddenly can’t stop talking about sustainability or post-consumer waste, you’re not alone. The youth of today are concerned, and they're making their stance on climate change pretty clear.

CC Mentors Tackle Climate Change

The best way to confront Gen Z's fear for our planet's future is with action. So, how can you turn your child's concerns into meaningful action? Our brilliant Curious Cardinals mentors have some advice!

video linkTip #1: Go Straight to the Source

Jonathan S. explains, “Making laws is how change is done in this country, and any amount of performative activism really isn’t going to get around that."

Tip #2: Find Your Lane

Recent Princeton grad Jayla C. encourages students to explore all the types of climate activism efforts, and pick one they're excited about to focus on.

Tip #3: Lean on Your Strengths

Kaylee says "It's about collaborative effort. We can all do little things like compost, recycle, and walk to school or work. But if a youth has an aim to make a bigger difference on climate change, I would encourage them to use their imagination to dream up how their skills could help them have a larger impact.”

Tip #4: Education is Key

Megan Z. has a long-game perspective, suggesting youth can drive change by pursuing the careers that will put them in positions to prioritize ESG (environmental, social and governance). "We will have the power to create more of a societal change within businesses, the government, and even innovations that support sustainability."

Are you raising a future climate change activist?

Whether it's sustainability, climate change, alternative fuels, or some other facet of climate action, a Curious Cardinals mentor can help your student explore their passion and translate it into a project with IRL impact.

Get matched with the perfect mentor today!

Check out these Curious Cardinals making a difference!

Sustainability in Fashion

Chiara is CC mentee and LA-based 11th grader. Her passion project is a fashion-and-sustainability-focused editorial-style magazine called Magnify. Check out the first volume here!

farmlinkFeeding our Communities

CC mentor Stella D. is a recent Stanford grad and a founding member of Farmlink, a nonprofit which connects farmers with food banks to donate surplus food, lower carbon emissions, and empower the next generation of change-makers. An award-winning documentary about the Farmlink story just premiered on YouTube.

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Leading the Way

CC mentee Millie, a born environmentalist, is a 10th grader based in LA. Last spring, CC's CEO & Co-founder, Audrey, connected her with Future Fighters. Millie now works with FF to empower elementary school students in climate activism. Recently, she helped organize the Los Angeles Youth Climate Strike. Millie's advice? "Pay attention to what is going on in your community! Future Fighters started at the summer camp held by the high school I currently attend, and had been holding events blocks away from me for months before I finally found them. By paying attention to the work that's already started in your community, you can find meaningful connections and ways to make a difference."

Join us!

84598ad6-79b9-4b6e-97c4-f08faeaf86b0Nov. 22nd | Featuring Curious Cardinals Mentors Making An Impact Within The World of Sustainability

If your student feels passionate about environmental science/sustainability but doesn't know where to start or feels powerless, this panel is for you. We invite you and your student to this special digital event to hear change-making mentors' stories, advice, and inspiration. We hope you'll leave climate-curious and empowered to make a difference.

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