Announcing End-of-Year Recaps: Insights, Growth, and Celebration

At Curious Cardinals, we are continuously committed to illuminating your understanding of your child's educational journey. This week, we’re thrilled to introduce a brand-new feature: End-of-Year Recaps that are as insightful as they are engaging.

How We Created End-of-Year Recaps

Leveraging AI for precision, this report combines data from session transcripts, student profiles, engagement goals, and session summaries from January onward. Of course, our incredible mentors are still at the heart of it all, adding their unique insights, proud words, and perspectives – ensuring the human touch we pride ourselves on is never lost. With this powerful combination, your student’s report contains a detailed, data-rich overview of progress made, areas for growth, and personalized learning recommendations.

We’re thrilled to share your child’s results, growth, and progress with more precise, measured insights than ever before!

Why We Created End-of-Year Recaps

  1. Responding to your needs. You spoke, we listened! This feature was born from your feedback. We know you want more tangible insights into your child’s learning journey, and this recap delivers just that. It offers a clear and detailed snapshot of your child’s educational achievements and areas for potential growth.
  2. Striving to innovate and add value. Curious Cardinals is all about innovation in personalized education. This recap is not just a summary of goals achieved or subjects mastered — it’s a celebration of your child’s unique learning journey. We want to show you your child in a whole new way, to delight you with custom insights into your child’s growth you can’t get anywhere else.
  3. Demonstrating accountability and transparency. We’ve seen the power of near-peer mentorship firsthand and believe in its power to holistically transform students into the best version of themselves. And as magical as it is to watch day in and day out, we know you can’t just take our word for it. That’s why we’re holding ourselves accountable to deliver tangible, measurable outcomes. We want to ensure we’re making the most of your child’s time and your investment in us.
  4. Creating a community-driven moment. In the same way sharing your Spotify Wrapped makes you feel like part of a larger cultural moment, we’re excited for CC Recaps to be a shared, community-building experience for parents. As we collectively celebrate your student’s achievements, projects, and connection with their mentor, we hope the Curious Cardinals community feels stronger and more connected.

How to Access Your Student’s End-of-Year Recap

Your student’s detailed End-of-Year Recap will be available in your dashboard on the CC app.

We’ll also be emailing you a fun, easy-to-share image (think Spotify Wrapped!), designed to be shared with your loved ones and posted to your social networks/online communities. This shareable version only includes your student’s name and details of their learning journey. We've crafted this image carefully with privacy in mind, because we want to make it easy and safe for you to brag about your kid’s amazing achievements!

Highlighting the Mentor-Student Relationship

At the core of Curious Cardinals is the special bond between our mentors and students. Our mentors are not just guide -- they're coaches, accountability partners, cheerleaders, role models, and friends. This progress report reflects that relationship, capturing the milestones and memories students and mentors have created together. 

In fact, our mentors are just as excited about EOY Recaps as we are. In the words of one mentor, “The Curious Cardinals report recaps offer a great, holistic lens on our progress thus far, and give me a chance to combat my own recency bias (by recalling tidbits and insights from our earliest sessions), which gives me a much more well-rounded view on our progress and follow-ups!”

Your child’s mentor has taken great care and time in ensuring the accuracy and impact of their report. It’s not just another ‘report card' -- it’s a testament to their growth as a person, filled with encouraging words that we hope will inspire them for years to come.

What’s Next?

If your child has been working with a Curious Cardinals mentor for at least six sessions since January 1, 2024, you’ll receive a link to your full engagement report via email, plus a custom, shareable Recap graphic. As a thank-you, if someone from your network joins CC from your Recap post, we’ll gift you both a free session. 😀 🚀

As with any new feature launch, we welcome your honest feedback. We’re overjoyed to be part of your child’s educational journey and can’t wait to see what the future holds. Here’s to many more milestones, memories, and moments of pride!

Stay Curious,



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