It’s Time to Plan for Summer! ☀️

Summer is fast approaching! Staring down the barrel of three months of unstructured time can be daunting for both students and parents: How can students stay engaged and avoid learning loss, but above all, enjoy themselves? We’re here to help your student make the most of their months off school!


Lean into passion, not obligation😎

If the school year is about making sure your student keeps up with the curriculum, summer is for passion! It’s a time for kids to explore, dive deep, and find out what sparks their imagination. From game design to stand up comedy, name an area of interest, and we’ve got the perfect Curious Cardinals mentor to help them find what makes them tick.

Get ahead and stay ahead👟

Did your child struggle with a subject this year? Summer is the perfect time to catch up without the pressure of looming grades. With even a few short weeks of mentorship, your child can arrive ready and confident for the school year ahead.


Nip boredom in the bud🥱

Have a few spare weeks between the end of school and the start of camp? Or between two activities? Avoid mid-summer boredom by letting your child take the reins and learn whatever they choose! Have they always wanted to try their hand at graphic design? Playwriting? Sports analytics? Keep the fun going all summer long with a passion project.


Get a jump start on college applications📝

Give college applications the time and attention they deserve – by the time the semester starts, your student should be perfecting their applications, not starting them! Whether they’re drafting essays, editing their resume, or even narrowing their list of colleges, our experienced mentors are here to guide them through the process and avoid common pitfalls.


Make this summer one to remember! Click here to find the perfect mentor to spark your kid’s imagination.

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