Why Your Kids Won’t Listen To You + What You Can Do About It

"Mother knows best"? Not according to your kid.

You know your child has so much potential, but they hesitate to put themselves out there. You remind them of all their great qualities -- they brush it off! Or you highlight their talent in XYZ -- they play it down. You make a suggestion to try XYZ activity that would be perfect for them, and they immediately push back. You just want them to thrive... so WHY won't they just listen to you?

Kid push boundaries to establish a greater sense of independence as they get older. Your student has done this at different stages all throughout their life! (Remember the toddler-era "I can do it by myself!"?) It's normal for your child to listen to you less, and listen more to the voices of peers and those they admire. They're just trying to figure out who they are and what they're all about!

So, while it can be extremely frustrating when your child won't listen to you, it's a natural part of growing up. Outside perspectives are healthy and crucial for kids to develop as well-rounded people. And the great news is, you're not without agency here. While you can't always control who your student follows on social media or who their friends are, you can insert a positive role model into their lives!

Mentors make the difference

Students with positive role models are more likely to develop positive social-emotional skills such as self-confidence, empathy, and resilience. A study by the University of Michigan found that children who had mentors were more likely to have high self-esteem and cope with stress effectively!

Finally, an 'influencer' you'll want them to emulate!

With the brightest and coolest mentors from top universities across the country, your student is sure to find a positive role model they'll listen to. Get matched with the perfect mentor today!

It's all about the messenger

"But Mom and Dad, you just DON'T GET IT!"

So many parents have shared with us that their kids will listen to their CC mentor when they won't listen to them! As proud Curious Cardinals mom and serial entrepreneur, Candace Nelson, shares, "It really is all about the messenger." Your student is more likely to accept advice, break out of their comfort zone, or consider new ideas when it's coming from a super cool and inspiring mentor who speaks the same "language" as them, shares similar experiences, and has common interests.

Most often it's not about what the message is you're trying to share with your child... it's who is delivering it! Picking colleges to apply to? Contemplating a new sport or club? Taking initiative on a task? Pssshht. Not when you talk about it! But when your student's Curious Cardinals mentor says it, it's suddenly the best idea ever. 😉


Curious Cardinals CEO & co-founder Audrey Wisch provides insight on a phrase you may be used to hearing!

Your new favorite parenting hack: Email your student's Curious Cardinals mentor!

CC parents have discovered a game-changing parenting hack: collaborating with their child's mentor to get ideas or points across to their child that they won't accept from Mom or Dad.

Check out some of our cool and accomplished mentors below! 😎

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