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Uncovering Turmoil and Triumph at the Supreme Court - With Mentor Matthew Jennings

The United States Senate is endowed with a number of powers, one of which is the duty to advise and consent. This responsibility has been increasingly wielded in the spotlight, namely   with the confirmation hearings of a few controversial (for some) and history-making (for others) Supreme Court Justices. But what exactly is the job of a Supreme Court Justice, and why should we care about who gets to consent to their appointment?
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max steinert plays soccer for groton

Finding Balance at Boarding School with Mentor Max Steinert

Max Steinert, a Curious Cardinals mentor and current sophomore at Princeton University, is one of those students who seems to “do it all” – thriving in academics, sports, and his social life – with ease. Max grew up in Concord MA, where he was a day student, or, as he says “95% boarding student,” at the nearby boarding school, Groton. He excelled there in every department: graduating summa cum laude, a math prize-winning whiz, captain of the Varsity soccer team, and dorm prefect.

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