How Anya Became a Google Engineer in One Year

From novice to Google Engineer, Anya style.


Meet Anya, a Stanford math whiz who had zero interest in coding...until she tried an intro class freshman year. That simple act unlocked a hidden passion!

Despite feeling behind peers coding since middle school, Anya powered through self-doubt as a woman in STEM.

Her determination paid off - she landed a Google internship after just 1 year of coding!


Anya's incredible journey hasn’t always been a clear-cut one, and that’s something she hopes to instill in the students she works with. “Their journey is their own,” she writes, “And there is no predefined timeline for success.” She has a particular fondness for working with neurodivergent students like herself, providing the much-needed support she wished she had at their age.



Anya’s story is proof that it’s never too late to get started. You’re allowed to take up space at the table, regardless of your background or challenges. When we’re open to pursuing our interests, it can change everything.


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corner (1)Representation Matters

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So many kids are afraid of failure, so they just don’t try. The Curious Cardinals experience is a safe space to explore your student’s interests, to try something new or learn without the fear of failure. This all is possible because of the power of a personalized mentor match. Some say I'm the Gen Z yenta 😂

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