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The Secret to Raising Organized, Independent Kids

Want to raise independent, self-sufficient kids?

All parents want to know that their kids will be able to survive in this world without them someday...and not only survive, but thrive! That doesn't mean they become someone who never needs help. Rather, it means children are empowered to understand and communicate their needs, strategize, plan, develop self control, maintain healthy relationships, and yes -- ask for help when they need it.

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How Curious Cardinals Mentors Readied REDI Lab Students to Pursue Their Passions

Integral to Curious Cardinals is our focus on student agency, project-based learning, and our mission to create a space where students can research, design, and test their own ideas and explore their own passions. So when the possibility of a partnership with Colorado Academy’s REDI Labs came up, it seemed like a pedagogical match made in heaven. 

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