Turn Your Child's Weaknesses into Superpowers

Your student's areas of greatest challenge can become their areas of greatest strength.

Heroes in comic books and movies usually have colorful backstories -- you have the antiheroes, the unlikely heroes, and your bit-by-a-radioactive spider heroes. 🕸️

One thing they all have in common, though, is that their true strength comes from within. It was always there, they just needed the right circumstance or foil to pull it out of them. It's no different with academics!


Alec, Curious Cardinal's COO and co-founder, was always a STEM guy. Complex math problems? Easy peasy. Engineering, science, labs? In his sleep! Yet he struggled with writing, staring at blank Google Docs like a supervillian he was woefully unprepared to fight, trying to conquer the essay in front of him.

Audrey, Curious Cardinals' CEO and co-founder, on the other hand, was an amazing writer -- naturally gifted in humanities and communication. But struggled with confidence in math. In 10th grade, she dropped an advanced math course after getting a C on her first test, fearing she wasn't cut out for STEM.

Alec and Audrey admired the qualities in each other they felt they lacked.


Sound familiar?

Reflecting on Audrey and Alec's "origin story", you may notice commonalities with your own student. Perhaps they have a pain point, an area of academic challenge or need. But if that area of need is cultivated by an inspiring mentor, their weaknesses can be refined into unstoppable superpowers. All it takes is the right antagonist to bring their strength to the surface!

6 Panel Comic Strip

Audrey shares now that if she'd had an inspiring female STEM mentor, perhaps she would've taken a different path and had the confidence to stick with that 10th grade math class. Maybe she'd even be a pioneering female in the STEM field! Alec also wishes he had a mentor back then to help him with writing; perhaps someone who was an engineer. He understands now that good writing is at the core of every subject -- even STEM! And how important writing is for core traits of leadership, like communication skills.

While we certainly wouldn't want to change this version of the future and all of Alec and Audrey's accomplishments, it is interesting to wonder what opportunities they may have had if they had help gaining confidence in these trouble areas. What choices or decisions would they have made if those challenges weren't a barrier?

Start your student's Hero's Journey

Don't let your child's "weak spots" hold them back from their full potential. Enlist the help of a Curious Cardinals mentor to transform your student's areas of least confidence into their greatest superpowers!

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