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Designing the Brand

Only at Curious Cardinals would a designer get the feedback: “can you make the beak more smiley?” Comments like these were commonplace for Eva Hoffman, the designer who developed our brand concept. Every day at a startup is a learning experience, and everything we create, from the syllabus template to our email signature “Stay Curious”, has a backstory. We began the logo design process in June. In August, we settled on the graphic. But that version alone took nearly a week to complete!

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Baking Cookies in the Cardinal Crib

The Core Cardinals have landed in our new nest: the Cardinal Crib. Our walls are lined with neon Post-it notes next to a giant whiteboard. When we aren’t teaching, sometimes we sit on chairs. Sometimes we even sit at desks (gasps). But our preferred working state is crowding around the kitchen counter to brainstorm or sitting scattered on the living room floor to work on deliverables – laptops in our actual laps. We look exactly like what you imagine when you hear “college start-up founding team living together in California.”

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“See Me Cry”

The water was ice cold. I remember the feeling of a hand on my back trying to push me forward. I remember putting all of my weight on my two feet, trying to push back against the hand. Then air, I was floating. I dangled in the air for a lifetime, feeling weightless.           

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