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How Curious Cardinals Mentors Readied REDI Lab Students to Pursue Their Passions

Integral to Curious Cardinals is our focus on student agency, project-based learning, and our mission to create a space where students can research, design, and test their own ideas and explore their own passions. So when the possibility of a partnership with Colorado Academy’s REDI Labs came up, it seemed like a pedagogical match made in heaven. 

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How Four Curious Cardinals Kids Are Working to Cancel Cancer

Abey Fuks, Ava Litman, Hayley Silvers, and Mischa Abend are testament that one is never too young to make a difference. The rising 8th graders at Horace Mann School in NYC are all close friends, Curious Cardinals students, and now fundraisers and co-chairs of “Kids Cancel Cancer”: a kid-created, kid-focused fundraising event on behalf of the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation.

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10 Top Tips for Writing Your College Essay from Harvard, Stanford, Yale & Dartmouth Students

The college-essay writing process can be stressful and daunting. It's no easy task to sum up your personality, a major life event, an academic or extracurricular passion of yours, or an impactful story in 500 words or so! So how do you start to tackle the blank document screen before you, and get your ideas down in a way that is compelling and authentic to you?

Fear not! We asked Five Curious Cardinals mentors, now successful students at top colleges, to share their advice on where to begin, and how to make your way through the essay-writing process. Here are their top tips for approaching the dreaded college essay:

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max steinert plays soccer for groton

Finding Balance at Boarding School with Mentor Max Steinert

Max Steinert, a Curious Cardinals mentor and current sophomore at Princeton University, is one of those students who seems to “do it all” – thriving in academics, sports, and his social life – with ease. Max grew up in Concord MA, where he was a day student, or, as he says “95% boarding student,” at the nearby boarding school, Groton. He excelled there in every department: graduating summa cum laude, a math prize-winning whiz, captain of the Varsity soccer team, and dorm prefect.

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How to Set Your 9th Grader Up for Success

Parents often ask me “what do I need to do to get my kid into a good college?” Underlying that question is a visceral anxiety that you as a parent will fail to set your kid up for success before they leave your nest. And the clock is ticking. Wendy, at your kids’ soccer game, said that her kid has straight As, speaks Mandarin fluently, plays three instruments, and is a double legacy at Harvard. I mean, how can you compete with that?

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Building and Launching a Blog Made Easy - with Mentor Berfin Karaman

Berfin Karaman, who grew up in Turkey and pursued four years of global education for her undergraduate degree at Minerva University, has had a lifetime of experiences in her 23 years. With expertise in CSS, HTML, and Java scripts, Berfin knows her way around a website, to say the least! But Berfin’s friendly, approachable demeanor and broad worldview lend to her incredible teaching style, in which she makes coding, web design, and blogging intelligible and enjoyable for her students.

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Student Spotlight: How Natalie Built Blog “Chatz with Natz” to Share Career Advice

A rising sophomore, Natalie R. is an outside-the-box thinker with an entrepreneurial spirit. A longtime Curious Cardinals student and high school Ambassador, Natalie surrounds herself with passionate people and has had close exposure to a startup. So when Natalie contemplates where she wants to be in five, ten years, she’s looking beyond the traditional, well-trodden paths of “lawyer, doctor, engineer.” Through conversations with role models and members of her community, Natalie is scoping out a broader landscape of career paths and opportunities, and wanted to share her insights and wealth of knowledge with fellow high schoolers. “Chatz with Natz” was born.

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